Detail from The Heart of the Reef, by Lee James Pantas




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Center for Ocean Awareness, Hendersonville NC

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Artist Rising
Fine Art America

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Professional Organizations
Arts Council of Henderson County
Asheville Area Arts Council
Coral Reef Alliance
Reef Relief

Pre-2000 Gallery Affiliations
Albertus Magnus College Gallery, New Haven CT
Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville NC
Broadway Arts Gallery, Asheville NC
Gallery 64, New Canaan CT
Grace Harkin Gallery, East Village, New York, NY
Greenwich Art Gallery, Greenwich CT
Horizon Gallery, Houston TX
Hurlbutt Gallery, Bruce Museum, Greenwich CT
Illuminarium-Isis Gallery, San Francisco CA
Johnson NASA Space Center Gallery, Houston TX
New Canaan Gallery, New Canaan CT
Paul IV Institute For The Arts Gallery, Washington DC
Phillips-Cowan Gallery, Houston TX
Portfolio Gallery, Port Chester NY
Regina Laudis Gallery, Bethlehem CT
Saint Catherine of Sienna Gallery, Greenwich CT
Seven Sisters Gallery, Black Mountain NC
Stamford Museum, Stamford CT
Sound Shore Gallery, Port Chester NY
Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
Westfield Gallery, Westfield NJ
Zenith Gallery, Washington DC