Detail from The Heart of the Reef, by Lee James Pantas




Review Excerpts:

Exposition Stellar Christi, by Lee James PantasNewtown Bee, Newtown CT.
March 7, 1986   "Regina Laudis Gallery Has Show"
Review by Mother Placid, Art Director of the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis, Newtown Ct.

"...The brilliant luminescent colors which characterize Mr. Pantas' abstract work express an optimistic exuberance. His canvases explore a universe which offers man a message of meaningfulness and hope. As a painter, Mr. Pantas can be situated in a line that includes the modern "field" painters and abstract expressionists, yet the poetic intensity of his art is highly reminiscent of the great English landscape painter William Turner."

"...The artist has an extensive scientific background as an ecologist and as a researcher in the field of parapsychology. The forms which fill his canvases suggest suddenly unfolding sea anemones or bits of swaying coral and the vibrating galaxies and constellations that appear in most of his paintings reflect his preoccupation with space. The artist aims to unite the "visual space" of the painter with the "outer space" of the spiritual person."

"...The strong affirmative statement that his art makes about life, its suffering and joys and its meaning is not easily come by; and his work is all the more compelling for that life experience."

"...The process of painting itself is for Pantas part of his exploration into the unknown for he attempts to work with the prevailing natural and creative spiritual energies of the universe flowing though him in interaction with the media and the environment. This is a method that is akin to the artistic disciplines of the ancient Zen Masters in their paintings and works of calligraphy. It is also in accord with the latest discoveries of Modern Quantum Physics which recognize the active participation of the subject continually participating in the co-creation of objective reality."

Greenwich Time
October 31, 1988   "Artist Creates A Cosmic Canvas"
Review by Carol J. Everingham

   "In perhaps one of the most unusual methods of painting, Pantas takes a pre-primed impervious canvas surface, lays it horizontally and proceeds to pour a thin layer of water on it. Then he introduces acrylic paint which interacts with the 'micro-aquatic environment" as he terms it. With no pre-conceived notions of what the canvas will turn out to be, Pantas allows the color slick to dry, rarely manipulating the painting surface.
     The resulting "image" brings a kind of Rorschach test effect -of what do you see in this picture. Upon studying the forms and shapes which emerge from the dried surface, Pantas then "organizes" the nature of the painting by highlighting or enhancing certain features. What in one work could become interstellar galaxies, in another might evolve into the mysterious depths of oceanic purport. Mythological animals, metaphysical landscapes and stellar bodies are all possible in the mind-expanding works from the Pantas studio. Real and unreal at the same time, his art links id to ego by straddling the natural with the supernatural.
     In a type of private twilight zone, Pantas creates the visual script , where recognizable character forms play out a kaleidoscope of narratives on a cosmic canvas stage. His paintings have -naturally- run a gamut of interests, from a watercolor society exhibition last month at the Hurlbutt Gallery of the Greenwich Library to NASA's Tranquility Base at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
     From "Lascaux Stardance" to the Milky Way's twin galaxy "In the Heart of Andromeda" Pantas' paintings hover like endearing UFOs on the realistic artscape. Just as the little hermit crab is content in his coquille of many colors in Pantas salt-water aquarium, an air of warm contentment exudes from the Pantas studio. As fish eyes look out from their crystal clear tropical waters to walls hung with Andromeda strains, the scientific and artistic worlds co-exist. Like son, Daniel who is off to kindergarten with a shark jaw for "show and tell" or daughter Susanna, who is in the drawing horses stage, the art and science of father Pantas' world intrigue, inspire and engender other symbiotic universes of creativity."

Cedar Cliff Notes
December 19, 2006  "Liza's Reef"
Review by Rebecca Searles

    "But it's not just a fondness for coral reefs that spawned the images that Pantas paints. Pantas' preferred, Jackson Pollock-influenced style of technique, working from splashes and swirls of acrylic paint, tends to lend itself to visions of coral reefs or of galaxies and planets, so his paintings represent a fusion of the two locales.
     Rather than starting with a blank canvas up on an easel like most artists, Pantas works first with the canvas horizontally and and then followed by more traditional work with the canvas elevated on an easel where he builds upon elements created in the first phase."


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